For those planning a trip to Tanzania or Kenya, I highly recommend booking your trip through Earth’s Wonders Safaris. I traveled to Tanzania and Kenya in November with my husband for 13 days. After spending about a year researching African destinations and almost every travel agency providing custom tours, we were starting to think that we could only afford group tours to our dream destinations. We found Earth’s Wonders Safaris on the internet and were pleased that they provided custom tours allowing us to decide where we wanted to go and how long we wanted to stay each aspect of the trip. The best part – they helped my husband and I plan a dream trip providing us with not only an affordable price but great lodging, food, transportation and the expertise of guides. I had read up a lot on the parks I wanted to visit and Rina made recommendations based on the time of year we were going. She gave me plenty of information about choices in lodging and the parks we would be visiting and was always very responsive and helpful answering my many questions.

If you are planning a trip to Tanzania and Kenya you will be doing yourself a big favor by checking out Earth’s Wonders Safaris as I have no doubts that you will plan your trip with them.

EWS did a fantastic job from start to finish. We departed for the trip and were well prepared with supplies and clothing because of the open correspondence we had prior to our departure. Everything was planned out so well and went so smoothly, down to the smallest details.

From the moment we landed in Arusha and met Zubeda with her energy and smiling face, we felt right at home. Our guide John was fantastic! He was on top of his knowledge of animal behaviors and had an amazing animal spotting ability. We were amazed that he was able to see the slightest flick of a leopard tail high in the branches without binoculars!! We so thoroughly enjoyed his company and we were sad to see him go when he dropped us off at the airport in Arusha. Thank you also for the lovely book you sent us – it is on my coffee table and is a beautiful reminder of so many wonderful memories for us. I think it may be pretty obvious that we were more than pleased with you and your company.

Earth’s Wonder Safaris has done nothing short of providing superb, professional, personal service for us in planning our trip. We are definitely going to recommend this company to all of our family and friends. Asante sana from us both!

Oscar and Julie J.
San Francisco, CA

I am sorry that I haven't written sooner but you can only imagine how crazy our first week back was after spending 3 weeks in Kenya. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in arranging the trip of our life. It exceeded all of our expectations! It was amazing in all different aspects. From the incredible encounters with wildlife to moving and eye opening encounters with amazing people, to enormous learning experiences about Kenya and Africa - with its history, culture, problems and beauty. We were able to come into close contact and meet with some of Kenya's last nomads and tribes who are still living an old traditional life. Finally, to my long awaited meeting with Kuki Gallmann - all of the above exceeded our expectations. These experiences were so profound and had such a deep impact on us that I can say that I am a different person now and I hope that I will stay a new person. It was a very spiritual trip for me and had more significance than I ever expected.

Thank you so much for helping my dream come true!! You have been amazing with your involvement - always eager to help, always available, always so personal. I would highly recommend Earth's Wonders Safaris and I hope this wasn't our last trip to Africa! I will send you some pictures when I finish selecting them!

Magdelena O.
Setauket, NY

I’m not entirely sure where to start describing the experiences and memories that have come from this trip. It truly was an adventure and was beyond our expectations. We were extremely happy with the choice of our accommodations and especially grateful for the services of our guide, Winifred. He had such a gentle demeanor and his ability to spot wildlife was amazing! Through his knowledge of the animals and environs, we were able to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the wildlife, the environment and the local people.

Our itinerary was the perfect balance of game drives and relaxation time at the lodges and camps. This was perfectly suited for my wife and our two kids. We all knew this was going to be a trip of a lifetime, but none of us were prepared for just how much of an impact it would make on our lives. We have been back for several weeks and we still cannot stop talking about how great Tanzania was, and how professional, experienced and well executed a safari is with EWS. We would definitely travel with Earth’s Wonders again and we highly recommend you to our friends and family.

Joe and Catherine B.
Palm Beach, FL


After visiting South Africa several years ago, we decided to take our two daughters to Africa to experience the real thing.  We wanted to spend several days in the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Crater and after much planning we decided that Earth’s Wonders Safaris would be our best choice in making this dream a reality.  We can’t thank the EWS team enough for a fabulous trip! Everything went so smoothly and the entire staff was very efficient.  My daughters are still talking about how warm and accommodating the people of Tanzania are.   We always felt safe with our driver guide whose knowledge of the land and animals was incredible.  He drove us to all of these different habitats for wildlife viewing and answered what seemed like hundreds of questions with expertise and a great deal of patience!


We had the opportunity to spend two nights at the Private Luxury Camp.  At first, we were worried about roughing it, but the accommodations, level of service and quality of food exceeded all of our expectations.  We never expected camping to be so luxurious.


Thank you again for making our dream safari a reality and we hope to travel with Earth’s Wonders again in the future!


Mary and Ron G.

Boulder, CO

What a wonderful time we had! From the moment we landed, we were in awe at the number of animals that were around us as our plane touched down in the middle of the Serengeti. Giraffes were feeding on the tops of acacia trees over their heads like an open umbrella. A group of elephants were crossing the runway behind us as our driver guide Alex, unpacked our bags from the airplane and loaded up the vehicle. We wasted no time as we immediately went driving around in search of the ‘Big Five’. It wasn’t long before we were in an area surrounded by zebra and wildebeest. After driving around a bit, our guide stopped so we can have lunch. It was amazing to be able to picnic with such magnificent views. We almost forgot we were in Africa but the sounds of migrating wildebeest were all around us. During our stay, we saw countless number of lions, elephants, hippos, gazelles, zebras and other animals I can’t even remember. We give a big thanks to our driver guide we nick named “Eagle Eyes” – his vision for spotting animals in the bush was amazing.

The lodges that we stayed at were truly luxury through and through. Our stay at Kusini Tented Lodge and Ngorongoro Crater Lodge will never be forgotten. Even though Kusini is small, it was very comfortable. We became very spoiled at the many amenities we didn’t even know a tent could have. I wish we could have stayed longer at the Crater Lodge. The candlelight dinners were very romantic and we really enjoyed the 5-star service we received. Even though we traveled alone, we met some great people from all around the world at dinner and at the campfire at the lodges.

Earth’s Wonders Safaris made sure that every detail was taken care of from the moment we arrived to until we returned home.

Thanks again for all your help in selecting the right places and assuring that we had an experience of a lifetime. We hope to visit East Africa again in the not too distant future.

Bill and Gladys P.
Newport, PA

Although not in the habit or inclined to write testimonial about my travel experiences in this case it is appropriate. Since my return, I have been asked on numerous occasions, “What was the best part of the safari?” My response was often halted as there was not “one thing” that was the best, but the “whole experience” was the best.

It was the abundance of wildlife at almost every turn. Seeing the Big 5 and the Ugly 5 (our own rating system) on almost a routine basis was fantastic. Our early morning wildlife drives, seeing wildebeests, zebras, hyenas and baboons. The evening “sundowners” experiencing the open and wild nature of the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation area and Tarangire National Park was exceptional. Every day was an extravaganza of viewing wildlife in their unique and beautiful habitat. Watching hippopotamuses and crocodiles sharing the Mara River with giraffes inquisitive about our presence was quite remarkable. Highlight after highlight and experience after experience came each and every day.

Most important, was our guide Peter, whose wildlife expertise was phenomenal in every way. Peter became our rafiki (our friend) and a colleague during the safari as he guided our photographic interest in a precision manner. He was able to anticipate wildlife movement routes and patterns with confidence and excitement. He taught us so much about the wildlife and the area, and we had such a good time with him during our Safari. His personable presence supported our excitement of the experience and he supported our unique desires of our custom safari. Truly Peter’s expertise made the safari an experience of a lifetime. I recommend him as a safari guide very highly.

The accommodations were quite exceptional. The unique and luxurious tented camps and lodges provided an experience second to none. The cuisine and hospitality on the safari spoiled us with our every need taken seriously and with detail guaranteed. Tanzania is an exceptional place to visit with a culture that supports sharing its magnificent beauty and exotic wildness.

I thoroughly enjoyed my safari experience in East Africa and would highly recommend Earth’s Wonders Safaris to develop a custom safari for those seeking a unique and fabulous excursion where wildlife and hospitality both are in abundance.

Curtis S.
Montana State University
Northern Havre, MT

Oscar & Julie J. - San Francisco, CA
Magdelena O. - Setauket, NY
Joe & Catherine B. - Palm Beach, FL
Mary & Ron G. - Boulder, CO
Bill & Gladys P. - Newton, PA
Curtis S. - Harve, MT

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